Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Contactless, continuous, affordable vital sign monitoring in the community, and hospitals

By combining our contactless bed sensor with great community nursing, VitalSyn prevents hospital admissions - saving lives & reducing the cost of healthcare

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Airlert Bed

How it works

Bed Sensor
1 Sensors

VitalSyn's contact-free bed sensor continuously tracks an occupant's average resting heart and respiration rates

Alert Pagers
2 Alerts

An alert is sent to the healthcare team whenever rates track outside of safe NEWS2 norms

3 Nurses

A highly-trained VitalSyn nurse is called to the patient to take full observations, and escalates as appropriate


Best practice obs. extended further

VitalSyn is breaking the mould of how we do healthcare. Instead of waiting for a patient to become an emergency case, we provide continuous, contact-free and affordable vital signs monitoring, in hospitals, and the community.

This approach helps VitalSyn catch serious infection early, allowing patients to be elevated to simpler, more cost-effective treatments sooner, avoiding emergencies developing, saving costs and more importantly, saving lives.


Field Hospital

Monitor 5000+ patients continuously. Sensor mats, touchscreens and pagers can be supplied with or without nursing staff.

> HR/RR sensor mats (wire & contact free)
> Monitoring dashboards (touchscreen)
> Pagers
> Nurse practitioners (UK only)

Contactless field hospital

Nursing or Care Home

A hassle free safety system for vulnerable residents in long-term care that lets them enjoy their lives worry-free.

Enable contact free:
> Sepsis prevention
> Contagion prevention
> Cardiac early warning
> Dedicated vital signs nursing staff

Contactless care safety

Home Care

Provide an always-on safety net for relatives or patients recuperating at home, and with 24/7 nurse response, make hospital at home a reality.

Enable low cost:
> Continuous HR/RR monitoring
> Contact-free observations
> 24/7 nurse response

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Hospital Ward

Catch every patient in early decline and reduce unnecessary, costly ICU admissions.

Enable low cost:
> Continuous HR/RR monitoring
> Contact-free observations
> Dedicated vital signs staff

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Travel Health

For when those in your care need confidence that you can ensure the safety of them and all their fellow travellers.

Passive condition monitoring means your staff health team can be alerted promptly to unwell guests, enabling rapid, timely response to infection.

> 24/7 condition decline alerting
> Contact-free observations
> Dedicated nursing staff

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Advantages In Brief


HR & RR Monitoring


24/7 Baseline Monitor


Always-On Alert System

No Set-Up

Wireless, Fully-Managed

Our Research Community

VitalSyn's smart sensor algorithms continuously learn from heart and respiration rate data correlated with matching user conditions and histories.

As well as receiving great VitalSyn care, members of our research community Syn help by providing anonymised sensor snippets and history to enable improved diagnostics for all users at their point of greatest need.

Our Syn members also get early access to our latest sensor beds, diagnostics and a host of other benefits.


Our Nurses

Where required, VitalSyn provides highly trained nurse practitioners, skilled in vital signs observations to respond and escalate patients as required.

By providing a fully staffed, fully managed, end-to-end remote observations service VitalSyn enables care-providers to add continuous monitoring to all patients in their care as a turn-key solution, via a simple per-patient (per-bed) subscription.

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