About Our Approach

VitalSyn is a new way of delivering healthcare.

Our mission is to keep people well, in their homes, amongst their friends and family, out of hospital, living fuller longer lives.

Our service combines smart contactless sensors, AI and the very best community nursing to help people #staywell

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Users train sensors

AI, always learning from our users

Our research community Syn provide daily snippets of anonymised sensor data together with clinical context so our sensors can spot signs of condition decline early.

> Robust technology
> Dedicated research community

our research community

Community sensors alert our local skilled nurses

Our robust, efficient low-energy sensors run on a trickle of battery power for over six-months without intervention. This makes them easy to install and run.

As a result the system can be used more widely in the community to bring nurses to the patient rather than the patient into hospital.

> Efficient low-power wireless sensors
> Easy to deploy
> Brings nurses to the patient

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sensors call nurses
Nurses care for users

24/7 protection when our users need it most

We employ a network of skilled nurses, to be on-call within our users' communities, so when there is a sign of early decline they can be at the person's bedside within 15 minutes.

> Nearby community nurses
> Highly trained in vital signs observations
> 15 minutes away

Our Nurses

This is the future of healthcare, today.

VitalSyn connects users, their vital signs and carers in synchronicity that simply wasn't possible just a few years ago.

It allows us to deliver preventative lower cost healthcare that avoids acute, costly and life threatening conditions which, if caught in time, can be treated effectively at low cost, on the ward or in the community.

> Sepsis prevention
> Infection alerts
> Cardiac alerts
> Pandemic resilience
> Hospital at home

Our Services
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Reserve a bed

Reserve a VitalSyn sensor bed for yourself or a relative