Choose the right option for your environment

for Call Systems
£ 1.50/day
  • Unlimited patients
  • Call system ready
  • Battery powered units
  • Hassle-free 5/7 support
Sensors +
£ 2/day
  • Unlimited patients
  • Totally wireless units
  • No set-up required


  • Hassle-free daytime support
  • 2 Pagers per 50 beds
  • 1 Touchscreen per site
  • 2 Account logins per site
Sensors +
£ 3/day
  • Unlimited patients
  • Totally wireless units
  • No set-up required


  • On call nursing staff
  • <30 min nurse arrival time
  • Fully managed service
  • On-site nurses (available)

Frequently asked questions

How soon can we get the sensors in?

There is currently a 6-month lead time on all orders of sensor beds with a 9-month lead time on the Sensors + Dashboards service.

Can we have a custom solution?

If you require a custom solution such as home care or home hospital support this is also available with bespoke pricing plans to suit. Get in touch to let us know your requirements, we'd be glad to help.

Is there a minimum order volume?

There is a minimum order volume of 100 beds per district which can be spread over multiple sites with a minimum of 50 beds per site.

Can I buy a sensor bed for a relative?

Currently we only provide services through public health providers, and duty of care bodies, but if you would like it to be available for you or a relative, make an order for a single bed and we can group this into a larger order.